How to Avoid Bad Contractors

Of course, as an architect, I think it's important that you choose a good architect. But your construction project - either residential or commercial - can be started with the best of intentions, yet destroyed by a bad, irresponsible or crooked contractor. Some of my clients have done many construction projects and are well equipped to select a competent and honest contractor, but many are building for the first time. You [.....]

Coastal and Wetlands projects – residential or commercial construction & development

In the New England region we have a lot of water - many homeowners with coastal homes. These sites are tricky - FEMA revised their maps in October 2013, raising the flood line in many communities. What does this mean for you? How do you determine how this affects your property? There are several issues you need to contend with if your home is in a coastal region, regardless if you have an existing home or are planning on [.....]