I personally enjoyed the enlightening presentation given to us by Barnes & Cone the other day on the thermal performance of CMU walls. I wanted to post up some of the illuminating web links for future use.

National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA): Thermal Catalog of Concrete Masonry Assemblies

NCMA TEK guides: TEK from Barnes and Cone

NY Energy Code: 2010 Energy Conservation Construction Code of New York State

COMcheck: Commercial Compliance Using COMcheck

Masonry fire, energy and sound calculator: Fire Energy and Sound Calculator

Now, I know you’ve been waiting for the punchline. So here it is. Even more awesome masonry links you can use when designing efficient masonry buildings:

Oak Ridge National Laboratory Thermal Mass Calculator: ORNL Thermal Mass Calc

ASHRAE / ANSI / IESNA standard 90.1: ASHRAE 90.1

Movement and expansion joints in brickwork: Big joints

DOW’s Sealant joint width and design: DOW sealant joint design

Masonry Institute of Washington: Masonry Details Deluxe

Now don’t you feel good?

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