Building Envelope Program fact sheets and handbooks


These fact sheets and handbooks provide information about thermal barriers and energy conservation as related to the building envelope.  Additional handbooks will be added to this site upon completion.

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Retrofit Best Practices Guide Retrofit Best Practices Guide Learn how to improve the energy efficiency of your home whenever you change your siding or replace your windows. Also find tips for other energy-saving opportunities in your attic or basement.
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Insulation Fact Sheet Insulation Fact Sheet Find the recommended insulation values for a new or existing home, and learn how to buy and install insulation.
Attic Radiant Barrier Fact Sheet Attic Radiant Barrier Fact Sheet Learn how radiant barriers can help reduce air conditioning loads and indoor heat loss.
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  Builder’s Foundation Handbook Contains construction details and critical design information to aid in the design and installation of energy efficient basement, crawl space, and slab-on-grade foundations.
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  Moisture Control Handbook Learn strategies for controlling moisture in building envelopes in order to minimize the risk of moisture problems in your building.
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Practical guidelines for the construction of residential attics and their efficient operation.
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Radiation Control
Fact Sheet
Learn about solar radiation control for low-slope roofs on commercial buildings and estimate annual energy cost savings with it for your situation.
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