Resilient Channel

One of the most cost-effective acoustical products for improving the sound transmission loss of a wall or floor/ceiling system is the resilient channel. Resilient channels are commonly used in multi-family housing projects, especially projects with wood frame construction, but they can be used in any application where sound transmission is a concern. Most resilient channels are ½” thick and have a cross-section shape similar to ½ of a hat channel, with only one leg attached to the supporting structure and the other edge floating freely. They are typically constructed from 25-gauge sheet steel, and they contain holes in the web of the channel to provide flexibility. The fundamental purpose of the resilient channel is to provide a means for attaching gypsum board to the supporting structure without actually permitting the gypsum board to directly contact the supporting structure. It is the de-coupling of the gypsum board from the framing that provides the improved sound transmission loss.

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