Corrugated perforated metal panels

You like corrugated, you like perforated. Now how about combining both those great tastes at the same time. These folks make pretty much any material, any perforation, into any corrugation you desire.


The only drawback is that they don’t have load tables, due to the custom nature of the work.

“Basically, our process when making the corrugated and perforated style panel is to take the traditional perforated sheet, in any of the materials we stock, such as a plain steel, aluminum, stainless steel, either pre-painted or powder coated, and or pre-galvanized or galvanized after perforating. Then, we will roll form or bend the perforated sheets into whatever corrugated profile or decking style panel you choose. The options in this particular option are almost limitless as far as the perforated hole patterns and corrugated styles.”

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